Let’s see:

  • Helped a friend pack up a big truck to move to another state
  • Big storm – wind and rain – caused several power outages all around my house. Luckily, we only got a couple of ‘blinks’ of the lights here. Although I’m ready: generator, bypass switch installed, and lots of flashlights.
  • Filled up a bunch of little bottles (144) with olive oil.
  • Haircut and trips to Wally World for drug refills.

Nicer weather today; we’re between storm systems. Partly to mostly cloudy, temps around 48F, some rain this morning, more coming tomorrow. Locals around here call it “Rainbow Weather” – short rain showers with ‘sun breaks’ to bring out the rainbows. Quite enjoyable to watch from my living room.


Nice day today. Mostly clear skies, temps reached up to about 47F. Good day to help out a friend pack up for a move.

With the help of several other people, we filled up a 28′ semi travel to the brim. I stayed in the truck, directing traffic and solving the Tetris puzzle of getting things packed efficiently.

Worked out well, overall; about 4 hours of effort. More physical activity than I am used to, so relaxed the rest of the day. Might go over there tomorrow to button up the trailer.


A cloudy start again, with some light rain showers during the day. Temps in the mid-40”s. All typical for this time of year around here.

Progress was made on the programming project that I’ve been working on the past few days. Looks like all parts of the program are working well. I still need to do some minor testing, and some code cleanup. But we’re getting close.

Tomorrow is moving day for a friend; I and several others will be going to his house in the morning to help them load up the moving truck.


Today started out partly cloudy, then rainy since the afternoon; temps in the 40-45F range.

Early road trip to Port Angeles (about an hour) for a doctor appointment for Pam. A shopping stop for Pam, then back to Sequim for a small Costco run (and gas), then the Highway 101 Diner for lunch, then back to Poulsbo to visit Wally World for some drugs and food. Left at about 9am, got back about 430pm.

Made some good progress on my programming project. Some tweaks to make it more efficient in progress.

November Debug

Today started out cloudy, with rain forecast starting tomorrow. Overnight low of 29F, current temp is 45F, with just a little wind under 5mph.

Continued work on the programming bug that has been vexing me for the past 4 days. Found the error finally with some help from a programming forum, although I still don’t understand why the program worked on one site but not another. Adding a new feature to the program as long as I am fixing the bug.

Reminds me of when I first got a computer, way back in the dark ages of 1982. It was one of the original IBM PC’s, and I’d spend hours goofing around with BASIC programs, staying up way later than I should. I’d get a program working by late evening (maybe 11pm), and then I’d decide to add ‘just one more feature or tweak’. So I would work on that enhancement, and it would be 2pm before long.

Hoping that doesn’t happen here, although I don’t have to get up as early as I used to.

Did all the laundry today, plus a trip to the recycle bins to drop of the weeks worth of boxes and stuff that accumulates with all of the things that keep arriving on my doorstep – almost always a new scrapbook thing that Pam has ordered.

November Clear

As the sun sets over the Olympic mountains – I assume, since I can’t see them because of the hills to my west — but I can see the pale pink sky reflected in the Puget Sound (Admiralty Inlet, if you want to be more precise), a nice clear day ends. Overnight low was 26F, high today about 37F, clear skies forecast for tomorrow, but turning cloudy and showery the rest of the week.

Spent most of my day on a stubborn programming problem. Have code that will force a ‘save as / open’ dialog box that works fine on one site, but puts the ‘save’ content on the screen on another site. I’ve been doing much googling to no available. Server is the same for both sites, same version of PHP running, same code. Both are WP sites, but I’ve confirmed it’s not within the WP code/themes/other plugins. Very puzzling.

Big Navy logistics ship USS Benavadiz (see _ (size: 289.37m × 32.26m, gross tonnage 69K-tons ) went by my Admiralty Inlet view portal a bit ago, headed west towards the Pacific. The MarineTraffic site is interesting to keep track of ships floating by my window. But the USNS ships (and submarines occasionally) never show their destination.


The forecast cold storm arrived last night. Work up this morning at 63o (PST) to light snow falling. Just enough to put a bit on the lawns and trees, but not enough to stick on the roads for the trip to church today. Right now (3:40pm), temps are at 38F, with an overnight low of 31F. Light winds <10mph, gusts to 15mph, wind chill at about 31F.

Good day to stay inside, so that’s my plan. Some minor computer geeky stuff – still working on a weird problem with code working different on two different sites. And a nap is in the short-term forecast here.