Atomic Time

Sitting here in my family room. I have two atomic clocks in here (not really sure why). These are the clocks that are set by the very accurate time signal from the US Government. Accurate to the fraction of a second, they say.

One clock shows 7:51pm.

The other shows 7:52pm.

The clock on the DirecTV schedule screen shows 7:53pm.

No wonder I am confused.

2 comments on “Atomic Time

  1. Reminds me of Harry Truman, who quoted Lee Segall: “A man with a watch knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure.”

  2. I always thought that quote was from Confucius, but several ‘quote’ sites credit Lee Segall.

    One site shows it as “Segal’s Law”. Another site says Albert Einstein.

    But there are more places that credit Lee Segal (or Lee Segall).


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