Friday–3 February 2017

Woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow, which melted as it got a bit warmer. Temps now at 1300PST are around 38F, so just some light (radar green) to medium (radar yellow) rain now. That will continue for a few days as this area transitions back to the usual cloudy/rainy weather.

I knew that today was going to be rainy, so yesterday did the supply trip to ‘town’ to get a few groceries and pick up some meds (prescribed). Took advantage of the trip to have a late lunch/early dinner at The Habit Burger, which is now in Silverdale. Great burgers there, along with a tri-tip on sourdough with BBQ sauce that the wife likes. I think their burger are better than In-n-Out, and they also have some great onion rings.

The trip was rounded out with a trip to the wife’s favorite craft store, while I went next door to pick up some pens/pencils for the church library. Then, filled up the gas tank on the way home, saving about $0.25/gallon over prices that are closer to home.

Also of note this morning: saw one of the neighborhood eagles take a route directly over my house about 20 feet above, going directly towards my big windows looking east. Nice. Apparently, eagle sightings are a harbinger of good luck.

Wednesday-1 February 2017

Happy February!

Clear blue skies, but chilly. Currently 40F, with overnight lows in the 20sF. Rainy weather forecast for later in the week.

Clear skies and clear air, with the waters of Puget Sound also a nice blue. Visibility is unlimited, I can see the Cascade mountain range, which is about 100+ miles to the NNE.

Sad news about a young man I knew in Syracuse UT; passed way to early. Not an easy thing for his family; we’ve been there.

Tuesday–31 January 2017

Just a few louds in the blue sky this morning with a light wind. Current temp is about 42F. Weather forecasters say that cold air is coming. High/lows are forecast at 43/25F over the next couple of days, with clear skies. Then some rain and perhaps low-elevation snow over the weekend, with temps 32-44F. We are close to the Puget Sound (only 1/2 mile away), so the warmer water usually prevents any snow lower than 500’ elevation (our elevation is 190’), although we did get about an inch in December that stuck around for a day.

I spend most of my day in the living room, facing the wall of windows overlooking the little harbor here and out to Puget Sound. So I see lots of cargo ships, and the occasional submarine heading to Bangor WA.

Bremerton WA is also home to a big naval base, and there are always a few aircraft carriers in the harbor there. Today, I saw an aircraft carrier transiting Puget Sound outside my window. That was fun to see. Not sure which one it was; I use the web site, which shows commercial and private ship locations. Today it is showing a line of big (huge) container ships heading to the ports in Portland. But it never shows the Navy vessels on the map, although sometimes you see the support vessels (tenders and US Coast Guard). So don’t know which aircraft carrier went by. But was nifty to view through my binoculars for a few minutes while it transited my view of the Puget Sound.

Monday–30 January 2017

Cloudy today, slight breeze, temps in mid-40’s, no sprinkles. Watching a few cargo ships transit the Puget Sound from my living room window.

I did some writing on my book project. It’s still a first draft, right now sitting at about 110K words. Heading towards the climax, although I am not sure what the climax is, or how it will turn out.

It’s been a project I have been working on intermittently for over a year. It’s been interesting to write, but not sure how it will conclude yet. It’s like driving down a road you have never been on before. There is something at the end of the road, but you are not sure what it will look like when you get there. Sometimes I am not even sure what the road looks like on the way to the destination.

But it does keep me somewhat busy.

Sunday–29 January 2017

When I left for church this morning, it was a bit windy. I could see some whitecaps on the Puget Sound from my living room window. Now that I am home this afternoon, the wind have mostly stopped (a few light breeze are making the tops of the pine trees move), with gray clouds but no rain around here. Clouds are moving SW to NE, I think; from my window (which faces east, they are moving from right to left, so could be S to N. But the pattern around here is usually SW to NE, so I am sticking with that. Temps at about 48F, which is probably as warm as it will get.

Some light surfing the interwebs this afternoon. Maybe a few new screenshots for one of the WP plugins. I need to figure out a new programming project to keep me busy this week.

Friday–27 January 2017

Nice day outside. Might get up to 50F. Mostly blue skies, a few thin clouds to the east. Don’t know what’s out west; the windows where I site are east-facing.

Some goofing around with the WordPress plugins today. Some more stretching exercises and heat to stretch out the pififormis muscle (look it up) that is causing a bit of numbness in various spots on my left left and foot. Related to a bout of sciatica that happened late November. Heat and stretching are about all you can do for it.

Thursday–26 January 2017

Partly cloudy today, light breeze, currently mid-40’s F. Clouds wandering northeasterly as I look out my big window.

A WordPress update, so I need to test my plugins and ensure all is well with them, then update the ‘tested to’ value to the latest version. The updates happen automatically on all sites, although I could force them a bit. But it is a minor update, so I will let the automatic process work.

Not sure that I will continue work on one of my new plugins. Need to investigate some different techniques to store multiple settings. Geeky stuff, but I enjoy the programming part. Not that my plugins will ever have thousands of installations. I write them for my own needs, then share in case others happen to stumble upon a need that they will fulfill.