Saturday–21 Jan 2017

Weather report: currently 48F, partly cloudy skies after a few short showers this morning.

Today’s tasks: cardboard boxes and stuff to the recycling place. Made some banana bread cake (take 4 ripe bananas, smashed, and add to a white cake mix; bake about 10-15 minutes longer than a loaf cake). Yummy, by the way.

Saturday laundry, vacuum the rugs. “Saturday is a special day..”

Friday, 20 January 2017

Slightly cooler this morning; current temp is 44F, with mostly cloudy skies. Some chance of showers today, but the weather dweebs are forecasting increasing sun over the next couple of days.

A trip to the local pharmacy for a prescription for Pam. Nice drive there; through the local forests with a view of Puget Sound through the trees. Noticed the tide was a bit higher than normal.

The usual planned for today. Some plugin programming perhaps. And wandering through the interwebs; there’s a lot of something about a new president being sworn in.

Thursday, 19 Jan 2017

Today’s weather is brought to you by grey clouds, intermittent sprinkles, and temps around 50F, with some slight breezes.

Working on an update to one of my WordPress plugins. Just some tweaks to add some additional features.

The new Habit Burger is open in Silverdale (about 30 minutes away); we may try to visit there to get a free burger. They do a ‘soft opening’ where they give away meals to the first 200 people at various times over several days. Plus they donate all proceeds to local non-profits for a couple of days. Not a big fan of waiting in line, but a big fan of their food. Will be nice to have one nearby; we usually have to travel to CA or UT to get our “Habit Fix”.

Wednesday–18 Jan 2017

Rainy today, but not cold, with temps about 50F. Nice to watch (and listen to) the rain outside the big windows in the living room, where I spend most of my day working on the computer and listening to Pandora music. The previous owner installed built-in speakers, with a nice stereo system. There’s four speakers in the living room, two in the master, and two in the upstairs bedroom (now Pam’s craft palace). A switch allows you to turn on only the speakers that are needed. And a nice remote control lets me control the volume.

I’ve got an old phone hooked up to the stereo system via the headphone jack. The phone has wireless, so that gives me the connection to Pandora. Nice little setup, although there is the headphone wire that needs to be routed through the wall to the stereo. Right now, the cable hangs over the shelf to the cabinet with doors on the lower part of the built-in bookcases. Slightly messy, since I have to leave the door open to let the remote work. Perhaps one of these days I will punch a small hole in the back of the bookcase to route the headphone wire from the shelf to the cabinet.

Sudden thought: since the phone is so small, I could just stuff the phone into the cabinet, so no wire routing is required. Of course, I have to leave the door open for the remote control. Maybe there is a remote receiver for the remote control. I must ask the amazons about that.

Today’s tasks are to work on the FB plugin, and do some minor maintenance on the various WordPress sites I run.

Tuesday 16 Jan 2017

Weather is changing from cold to wet. Temps in the mid-50’s (instead of around 30F), cloudy skies, and rain all around us (with some quick rain bursts here). But mostly less rain here than Seattle, since we live in a ‘rain shadow’. Most of the wet storms around here come from the southwest, which causes them to hit the Olympic mountains. That causes the wet weather to split around them, sending most of the rain around us. Sometimes you can look at the weather radar, and see rain all around us, but we’re in a ‘hole’ – the rain shadow. So we get about half the yearly rain that Seattle does.

That’s not to say that we don’t get any rain – I think our average is about 20-25” per year. But much less than Seattle.

Today, it is windy (5-10mph, gusts to about 18mph), with light clouds. The clouds are racing along SW to NE; fun to watch from inside. Hoping that the winds don’t cause a tree to hit a power line, causing an outage. But we’ve got a generator, and all the phones and tablets are at a full charge.

Which reminds me of today’s tasks. A haircut, and a stop by a local electrician office to see the costs involved in adding a generator bypass switch to our electrical panel. That will make it much easier to switch a few house circuits to the generator during a power outage. We should be able to run the freezer, refrigerator, and the DirecTV/LCD TV during an outage.

And work on a new WordPress plugin, perhaps.


Here’s an example of the ‘rain shadow’ affect around here. My place is about where the mouse cursor is (near the center of the picture). Click the picture to embiggen.

Sunday 15 Jan 2017

Had to get up early, as usual for a Sunday. Cold last night; frost on the car. But sunny all day. Rain in the forecast for most of the week.

The usual Sunday meetings. Fixed the problem I had with processing donations last week. It was my fault. Interesting how problem can seem quite easy to fix when you know the cause. Or how less-than-knowledgeable you feel when you make a silly mistake. But no problem, all is well.

Quiet evening; should stay that way. Tomorrow’s task include making a new MissionaryLetters site for an old friend from Loomis.

Clear and Not Quite as Cold

As I write this, the temp outside has risen to a balmy 41F after an overnight low of 20F. Blue skies with just a hint of high and thin clouds and minimal wind. Should be a nice day.

Not much planned for today. Some preparatory work for tomorrow’s meetings (agendas and such). A couple of loads of laundry, and some minor cleaning.

I think that I figured out the plugin installation problem. Turned out to be my fault; I didn’t have the distribution files in the right spot in the WordPress plugin depository. I’m going to check that out with some final testing today.

And, decided to put a weather widget over there on the right. Just in case anyone wants to know what the weather is here.