Friday-10 July 2017

The day started out with a “sun break”, then some light misty rain transitioned to mostly cloudy skies this evening. Last night’s windstorm didn’t cause any effects here, although it did close the Hood Canal Bridge for several hours very early this morning. No affect here, since we stayed home.

Spent most of the time working on the lesson conversion process for the Reading program. I probably could have tweaked the data with a plain import, but spending a couple of days writing and testing code was much more fun. The actual conversion of 80 lesson files to database only took 30 seconds. Some very minor tweaking of the data will get it ready for the program.

The next step is to finish the user registration/use part of the program, including keeping track of where students are. The key to that is to make it so the student has minimal login needs; most students will be under 10 years old, I think. So don’t want to clutter their experience with user names and passwords. That will take a bit of thinking.