Friday–3 February 2017

Woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow, which melted as it got a bit warmer. Temps now at 1300PST are around 38F, so just some light (radar green) to medium (radar yellow) rain now. That will continue for a few days as this area transitions back to the usual cloudy/rainy weather.

I knew that today was going to be rainy, so yesterday did the supply trip to ‘town’ to get a few groceries and pick up some meds (prescribed). Took advantage of the trip to have a late lunch/early dinner at The Habit Burger, which is now in Silverdale. Great burgers there, along with a tri-tip on sourdough with BBQ sauce that the wife likes. I think their burger are better than In-n-Out, and they also have some great onion rings.

The trip was rounded out with a trip to the wife’s favorite craft store, while I went next door to pick up some pens/pencils for the church library. Then, filled up the gas tank on the way home, saving about $0.25/gallon over prices that are closer to home.

Also of note this morning: saw one of the neighborhood eagles take a route directly over my house about 20 feet above, going directly towards my big windows looking east. Nice. Apparently, eagle sightings are a harbinger of good luck.