Monday–30 January 2017

Cloudy today, slight breeze, temps in mid-40’s, no sprinkles. Watching a few cargo ships transit the Puget Sound from my living room window.

I did some writing on my book project. It’s still a first draft, right now sitting at about 110K words. Heading towards the climax, although I am not sure what the climax is, or how it will turn out.

It’s been a project I have been working on intermittently for over a year. It’s been interesting to write, but not sure how it will conclude yet. It’s like driving down a road you have never been on before. There is something at the end of the road, but you are not sure what it will look like when you get there. Sometimes I am not even sure what the road looks like on the way to the destination.

But it does keep me somewhat busy.