Monday-6 February 2017

Today is travel day. Or was. Left the house at 630am to make a 12:00 flight out of Seattle to Sacramento to visit the newest granddaughter. But a big snowstorm (for this area) started last evening. This morning, the roads were slushy and icy on the main roads, but we drove carefully in our 4WD Highlander (with the ‘snow’ setting on). We passed a dozen cars on the side of the road, including the Audi who passed us, then slid off the road a couple of hundred feet in front of us.

About an hour into the drive, as the snow falling a bit thicker, got a text from Alaska Airlines that the flight was cancelled. The snow storm is not expected to end until this afternoon, so we turned around and headed back home.

At our house, under an inch on the ground, and some light snow falling right now. It is pretty to look at, though; during the drive, the trees (there are lots of them around here) had ‘rime’ (ice and snow covered branches), so that was nice to look at (while concentrating on the road, and dodging a few large branches that had fallen in the road).

So, staying inside today. Cancelled our flights (both direction), got the mail and FedEx/UPS off of vacation hold. Planning on going next Monday; may drive, as the weather is supposed to be better next week – this storm system is supposed to clear out by tomorrow, with warming forecaset – perhaps up to 50F !