November Clear

As the sun sets over the Olympic mountains – I assume, since I can’t see them because of the hills to my west — but I can see the pale pink sky reflected in the Puget Sound (Admiralty Inlet, if you want to be more precise), a nice clear day ends. Overnight low was 26F, high today about 37F, clear skies forecast for tomorrow, but turning cloudy and showery the rest of the week.

Spent most of my day on a stubborn programming problem. Have code that will force a ‘save as / open’ dialog box that works fine on one site, but puts the ‘save’ content on the screen on another site. I’ve been doing much googling to no available. Server is the same for both sites, same version of PHP running, same code. Both are WP sites, but I’ve confirmed it’s not within the WP code/themes/other plugins. Very puzzling.

Big Navy logistics ship USS Benavadiz (see _ (size: 289.37m × 32.26m, gross tonnage 69K-tons ) went by my Admiralty Inlet view portal a bit ago, headed west towards the Pacific. The MarineTraffic site is interesting to keep track of ships floating by my window. But the USNS ships (and submarines occasionally) never show their destination.