November Cold

This morning, overnight low was 32F. A bit of moisture in the air is causing some very light snow flurries. Not enough to stick around here, at least by the time I got up. High today so far is only 38F as the storm moves south; areas south of here (Olympia area) are expected to get a bit of snow, along with the mountain ranges. Slight possibility of snow (probably only flurries around here) with the next storm Sat/Sun.

Took some empty moving boxes from my new neighbor (moving in) to a ward friend (moving out) this morning. A trip to get a haircut, but he was busy. A one-chair shop, and three in line before his lunchtime. I’ll wait until next week.

Some work on a couple of WordPress plugins today, I think. And maybe that web site for the local Bay Club, although I can’t do too much until they finalize the site map.

Just staying inside with my great view of the Puget Sound, and the weather outside.