November Starts

This morning started out partly cloudy, but then transitioned to some light showers. Cool at the lower 50’s F; cooler weather this week, with some more showery stuff.

I worked on the Blink book yesterday. Did another editing pass through it, and added chapter headings. Still not finished; I’m working out how to finish it. But there are 100K words to it now. It might take another 20K words to finish. That makes for a long book.

Today, I worked on the book’s web site. I made an ‘excerpt’ page, and added a Facebook and Twitter button to the pages. The excerpt page required a slightly different version of the cover image.

Then I created a Facebook page for the book. I created some cover image variations for the FB page.

The book is still in ‘quiet’ mode. I need to get closer to finishing it up before I start promoting it.

I am using the ‘Atlantis’ word processing program. It works a lot like Word, but is free, and is also able to create a fully functional ebook. That’s an advantage. Prior ebooks I have created have started out in Word, then exported into an HTML file, cleaned up the weird Word HTML, add some CSS, then use Calibre to do all the ebook stuff. I’m hoping that the Atlantis program makes that process a bit easier.

Going to see if I can keep this blog more up to date. We shall see.