Sunday–29 January 2017

When I left for church this morning, it was a bit windy. I could see some whitecaps on the Puget Sound from my living room window. Now that I am home this afternoon, the wind have mostly stopped (a few light breeze are making the tops of the pine trees move), with gray clouds but no rain around here. Clouds are moving SW to NE, I think; from my window (which faces east, they are moving from right to left, so could be S to N. But the pattern around here is usually SW to NE, so I am sticking with that. Temps at about 48F, which is probably as warm as it will get.

Some light surfing the interwebs this afternoon. Maybe a few new screenshots for one of the WP plugins. I need to figure out a new programming project to keep me busy this week.

Friday–27 January 2017

Nice day outside. Might get up to 50F. Mostly blue skies, a few thin clouds to the east. Don’t know what’s out west; the windows where I site are east-facing.

Some goofing around with the WordPress plugins today. Some more stretching exercises and heat to stretch out the pififormis muscle (look it up) that is causing a bit of numbness in various spots on my left left and foot. Related to a bout of sciatica that happened late November. Heat and stretching are about all you can do for it.

Thursday–26 January 2017

Partly cloudy today, light breeze, currently mid-40’s F. Clouds wandering northeasterly as I look out my big window.

A WordPress update, so I need to test my plugins and ensure all is well with them, then update the ‘tested to’ value to the latest version. The updates happen automatically on all sites, although I could force them a bit. But it is a minor update, so I will let the automatic process work.

Not sure that I will continue work on one of my new plugins. Need to investigate some different techniques to store multiple settings. Geeky stuff, but I enjoy the programming part. Not that my plugins will ever have thousands of installations. I write them for my own needs, then share in case others happen to stumble upon a need that they will fulfill.

Wednesday–25 January 2017

Today’s weather is brought to you by cloudy skies and temps around 42F, maybe a few short sprinkles.

Yesterday, I fixed and updated one of my WordPress plugins to add features that were helpful to me. And the Postie plugin people fixed the problem with posts being scheduled to publish 8 hours after posting. And I thought of a few new useful features for one of my plugins, so will work on that.

Visit to the doctor’s this morning. Problem with sciatica nerve early last month have not fully gone away; having some slight numbness in one leg and foot due to the Piriformus nerve. So need to get started on some stretching exercises for that, along with the usual heat/cool pads. It’s not painful, so that is good; just slight numbness of a few areas in that leg and foot.

So, a bit of programming work to keep me occupied. Then a trip to ‘town’ for groceries, and an early dinner at The Habit, which has just opened near our area (about 25 minutes away). One of our favorite places in CA and UT; great burgers and grilled tri-tip sandwiches, and some other things.

Sad to hear about Mary Tyler Moore’s passing today. The “Dick Van Dyke” show has been one of my favorites; he and MTM were great in that series. Started watching it on Netflix the other day. Still makes me laugh.

Tuesday, 24 Jan 2017

Catching up, but first – today’s weather: mostly cloudy, but no rain, temps currently 40F, no wind.

Sunday was church day, made longer with participation in a bi-annual (twice a year, right?) financial audit. Pretty comprehensive, took about 3 hours, so didn’t get home until 6pm after arriving at 8am for leadership meetings.

Monday was the usual. One of the WP plugins I use on the MissionaryLetters (and other) sites (called ‘Postie’) lets you send an email that gets turned into a post. Has been working quite well, but the weekend update of the plugin is now causing all posts to be ‘scheduled’ 8 hours in the future, rather than visible immediately. Causing some consternation with clients of those sites, since they expect their email to be posted within about 30 minutes – one of the features of the site.

So spent some time documenting that problem with the plugin support area. Did some more of that this morning, as I looked at their code and think that I found the part of their code that delays things. Not sure why that code is not working any more, since I have minimal knowledge of their code process.

So this morning, looked at that process a bit more, and added additional info to my support ticket. Waiting to hear back from the developers.

In the meantime, one of the plugins that I have written will show all posts on a multisite installation. I modified that code to provide an option to show all posts, not just the published ones. This will help me monitor new posts on the MissionaryLetters site, so I can force publication of new letters, bypassing the delay that the Postie plugin is now putting on there. That’s today’s project.

Saturday–21 Jan 2017

Weather report: currently 48F, partly cloudy skies after a few short showers this morning.

Today’s tasks: cardboard boxes and stuff to the recycling place. Made some banana bread cake (take 4 ripe bananas, smashed, and add to a white cake mix; bake about 10-15 minutes longer than a loaf cake). Yummy, by the way.

Saturday laundry, vacuum the rugs. “Saturday is a special day..”

Friday, 20 January 2017

Slightly cooler this morning; current temp is 44F, with mostly cloudy skies. Some chance of showers today, but the weather dweebs are forecasting increasing sun over the next couple of days.

A trip to the local pharmacy for a prescription for Pam. Nice drive there; through the local forests with a view of Puget Sound through the trees. Noticed the tide was a bit higher than normal.

The usual planned for today. Some plugin programming perhaps. And wandering through the interwebs; there’s a lot of something about a new president being sworn in.