Saturday–11 March 2017

Today started out in mid-40’sF and rainy, then gave way to partly cloudy skies with some sun and approaching 50F. A bit breezy just now, with 10-15mph winds.

Worked on the Reading program today. Fixed a problem with things not lining up correctly that had been bugging me for a couple days. Missed putting in a ‘CSS class’ in one of the instructions.

Now working getting/saving user login and session info, without screwing up the stable demo page. And asked a nephew’s wife if she’d be interested in creating some clip art for the program.

This is our local Stake Conference weekend. The sessions are in Port Angeles, about an hour away, so are broadcast to other ward buildings. Tonight is a test broadcast, so I’ll be heading over to the building in a bit to set up the video projection system.

Made a chicken and rice casserole last night. Took a recipe I found and modified it a bit. The chicken part was good, but the rice was a bit crunchy, although tasty. The rice part was regular white rice with a can of chicken broth and cream of chicken soup. Next time, will have to get the rice cooked while not drying out the chicken.

And, between rain storms, did a quick spray of moss-killer on the front lawn. A common problem around here. Moss likes to grow in this wet environment – on lawns, and on roofs. Luckily, our roof is not ‘infected’ with the moss. And the “Moss-Out” sprayer works pretty well at killing the moss, although you still have to rake it out of the lawn (which takes a bit of energy). I wanted to get the first application of the moss-killer on the lawn before we left this next week.