The Longest Day

Today is the longest day – but not that hot around here. Temps today only up to about 68F under partly cloudy skies. Looking out my window to the east, I see a Puget Sound Convergence Zone of some clouds, with some blue skies to the north.

This has happened since the last post:

  • Got back from the long trip: drive to SLC, fly to Houston (via Seattle, go figure), drive to SLC in a car destined for the Jensens, drive home.
  • Our local ward got combined with the Port Townsend ward (our ward was getting too small, so this is a good thing). Got fired as the Ward Clerk, but hired on as Executive Secretary. Lots of cleanup required with the ward dissolve (like organizing all of the keys).
  • Took a drive down to Stacy’s house to visit their cute family and spoil grandkids. Stayed about a week, left town just as the heat wave (100F+) started.
  • On the trip home, a semi rollover in Oregon about 9 miles north of the CA border. Blocked all lanes; traffic was at a standstill. Luckily for us, we got stuck just before the old highway 99 exit, so snuck around the accident and took that very windy road. Otherwise, an uneventful trip home.
  • Got a lawsuit settlement check for a class action against a prior health care organization. Modest amount, but helpful.
  • Decided to use part of the check to purchase the generator bypass switch for our generator. Will require a bit of electrical work in the panel, but fairly easy (been inside a panel before, with no shocking results).

The Reading program is on hold until the copyright owner gets around to signing an exclusive sales agreement for the software. Hopefully, that will happen soon.

The Jensen’s will be visiting next month. The kids have all visited the last two summers, but this will be a first for Jared and Christine. Some work involved in getting ready for their clan (1 girl, 4 boys).. So, my project list has increased a bit:

  • Have to assemble a metal bunk bed frame. It has to go upstairs, and the shipping box is 125 pounds. Will have to take the pieces upstairs in smaller loads.
  • Then have to get new mattresses for the bed. One twin, one double. And figure out how to get them upstairs. Hoping to buy it from a mattress store that will deliver.
  • Installation of the generator bypass switch before the fall storms. I’ve changed all ‘can lights’ to LED bulbs, and need to identify the (up to) 6 circuits to hook up to the bypass switch. That will include the chest freezer in the garage (so all garage circuits), the refrigerator, TV room (for the LED TV and DirecTV so I can watch TV during power outages), and the master bedroom (mainly for the CPAP machine). That will be enough for the short power outages we get here.

And the McEwan’s will be visiting in August. That will also be fun.

Working on an update to a little program I wrote to block comment spam. Got the Google ReCAPTCHA working in it now, so it’s pretty effective, I think.

All of that should be enough to keep me from being bored.