Thursday–9 March 2017

This morning, my little weather station was reporting an outside temperature of 110F. Didn’t think that was right, what with the cloudy and rainy weather.

A trip upstairs to the weather console and the computer that reports to my weather site web page. The console was reporting the correct temperature, so I figured the software was a bit wonky. Restarted the computer, still the same. Did a power off restart, then an upgrade of the weather software (converts the console readings to a format that is sent up to my Weather Underground site), and a restart of the software. All was well then, showing an outside temp of 38F.

Temps today ranged up to 44F, with rain most of the day. This is a warmer storm, so no snow here, and snow levels increasing up in the Cascades to the east, causing some avalanche dangers closing the I-90 (main highway east from Seattle).

Around here, there is a high wind warning for early AM tomorrow. Winds gusting to 50mph, which will cause closing the Hood Canal Bridge, and maybe some power outages. But I am ready, with my generator and FLASHLIGHTS.

Got my haircut today, some minor grocery shopping, and then back to work on the Reading project. Fixed on interface/visual issue last night. Today, working on a process to convert the lesson files (written in sort of an XML format) into items to put into the lessons database. Lots of string conversion commands to get the lessons into a individual item format.