Tuesday 16 Jan 2017

Weather is changing from cold to wet. Temps in the mid-50’s (instead of around 30F), cloudy skies, and rain all around us (with some quick rain bursts here). But mostly less rain here than Seattle, since we live in a ‘rain shadow’. Most of the wet storms around here come from the southwest, which causes them to hit the Olympic mountains. That causes the wet weather to split around them, sending most of the rain around us. Sometimes you can look at the weather radar, and see rain all around us, but we’re in a ‘hole’ – the rain shadow. So we get about half the yearly rain that Seattle does.

That’s not to say that we don’t get any rain – I think our average is about 20-25” per year. But much less than Seattle.

Today, it is windy (5-10mph, gusts to about 18mph), with light clouds. The clouds are racing along SW to NE; fun to watch from inside. Hoping that the winds don’t cause a tree to hit a power line, causing an outage. But we’ve got a generator, and all the phones and tablets are at a full charge.

Which reminds me of today’s tasks. A haircut, and a stop by a local electrician office to see the costs involved in adding a generator bypass switch to our electrical panel. That will make it much easier to switch a few house circuits to the generator during a power outage. We should be able to run the freezer, refrigerator, and the DirecTV/LCD TV during an outage.

And work on a new WordPress plugin, perhaps.


Here’s an example of the ‘rain shadow’ affect around here. My place is about where the mouse cursor is (near the center of the picture). Click the picture to embiggen.