Tuesday, 24 Jan 2017

Catching up, but first – today’s weather: mostly cloudy, but no rain, temps currently 40F, no wind.

Sunday was church day, made longer with participation in a bi-annual (twice a year, right?) financial audit. Pretty comprehensive, took about 3 hours, so didn’t get home until 6pm after arriving at 8am for leadership meetings.

Monday was the usual. One of the WP plugins I use on the MissionaryLetters (and other) sites (called ‘Postie’) lets you send an email that gets turned into a post. Has been working quite well, but the weekend update of the plugin is now causing all posts to be ‘scheduled’ 8 hours in the future, rather than visible immediately. Causing some consternation with clients of those sites, since they expect their email to be posted within about 30 minutes – one of the features of the site.

So spent some time documenting that problem with the plugin support area. Did some more of that this morning, as I looked at their code and think that I found the part of their code that delays things. Not sure why that code is not working any more, since I have minimal knowledge of their code process.

So this morning, looked at that process a bit more, and added additional info to my support ticket. Waiting to hear back from the developers.

In the meantime, one of the plugins that I have written will show all posts on a multisite installation. I modified that code to provide an option to show all posts, not just the published ones. This will help me monitor new posts on the MissionaryLetters site, so I can force publication of new letters, bypassing the delay that the Postie plugin is now putting on there. That’s today’s project.