Tuesday–7 February 2017

The day started out cloudy and cold, but now, as the sun starts setting soon, the skies are mostly clear but still cold at 34F. Cold tonight, but slowly warming up this week until more rain comes in Friday.

Worked on a new WordPress plugin today, figuring out a problem that was bugging me (well, it was a ‘bug’) for a couple of days. Did the final cleanup of the plugin, and submitted it to WordPress for inclusion in their ‘approved’ plugins. I enjoy doing the programming, sitting here in the living room, with glances out the window at the clouds and skies and the occasional ship transiting Puget Sound.

Another interesting project will be started in a few days. Not sure how it will turn out; it may ‘stretch’ me a bit to get it working properly. But have been interested in it for a while. More on that project later.

Pam will be flying to CA to see the new granddaughter on Thursday. I’ll follow by driving down Monday. I have to give a talk and be the organist at Church on Sunday, or I’d go with her. No backup for those tasks…I *am* the backup.