Tuesday–7 March 2017

This morning started out at 36F and some very light snowish drips. Nothing sticking, though. There is a winter weather warning for the area for low snow (down to sea level) – we are at 190 feet above mean sea level. Still light showers and 39F at noon as I write this. Looks like we’re in the rain/show shadow we usually get (see pix).


Have been working on the Reading program. Making some good progress with the base design, and the demo pages are working well.

I figured out the problem with selecting (and saving and using) the ‘voice’ used in the program. The available voice depends on your computers’ operating system and browser used. So finished the process of letting the user select the voice they like for their installation, and then using that in the program. I still need to store those settings in a local cookie for use if the session expires. And also extend the session timeout.

I also created a site design/status/notes page that will be used by the alpha testers. That will help keep info in one place, rather than scattered about in various email messages on that private mailing list.

Today’s programming tasks include finishing up a secure login process. Although I have created one for another site (with secure login and encrypted passwords, although not on an ‘https’ site), this new process might let me tweak the login process a bit more.

I also need to start converting the Reading lessons (about 3500 instructions in 80 lesson pages) from their original XML-type source into the lessons database. Spending a bit of time on a process that parses the original document into an array of instructions. I’ll use that array of instructions to insert into the lessons database. Hopefully, there will be minimal tweaking required of the imported data.