We Interrupt This Trip

… to alert my two regular readers of a post over on our “Security Dawg” site having to do with learning how to send text messages via you cell phone during emergencies or high-load times. Here’s the post: http://www.securitydawg.com/2007/08/cell-phone-overload-during-emergencies.html.

If there is ever an area emergency or locally important news story, you may find that the cell phone system gets quickly overloaded, and you can’t call home to tell people you are OK.

During those times, send a text message — they will go through just fine.

Of course, that means that you may need to learn how to send a text message. Just find the nearest teenager, offer them a free Starbucks, and have them teach you. You may find that skill useful in an emergency.

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  1. Hello Rick- good info! unfortunately my cell phone provider charges 10 cents per text message, so sending a text message for me would have to be an emergency – like you I tend to be frugal

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