Wednesday–15 March 2017

Let’s see:

  • Friday the 13th fell on Monday this month
  • Yesterday was “Pi Day”, so I had a piece of pie
  • Today is “Beware the Ides of March” day

That should take care of that.

Still working on the Reading program. Fixed another problem that had been bugging me, and got the registration and login process mostly done. The registration process required a rewrite of the encryption code I was using; some functions were deprecated in the PHP 7 version I m using. But got that working.

Yesterday, I got a new sleep apnea machine, after going through a sleep study last week. Surprise, still have sleep apnea. The new machine ‘phones home’ so that they can keep track of my use of it. The new one is a lot quieter than the one I’ve had for about 6 years.

Then I had to work with the hosting place to upgrade my hosting plan. The MissionaryLetters site is a WordPress multi-site install, and every new missionary site creates another 10 tables in the database.

The basic low-cost hosting plan doesn’t allow lots of database tables, so I had to get a more expensive plan. The hosting place takes care of moving the content and databases to the new server. But for some reason, the database users were not moved. That required a one-hour ‘chat’ with the support people while that got fixed. Most of the WP sites I run were down because of that, but the sites are not that high-volume, so managed to survive that without customer complaints.

Today I am tweaking the code in the Reading program that keeps track of lessons done by the user. Along with getting ready for the road trip that starts tomorrow. It will be fun to see all the grandkids (and Christine and Stacy, etc) again. Last visit was Christmas. Looks like there will be good travel weather for the ‘here-to-Utah’ section.