Wednesday–18 Jan 2017

Rainy today, but not cold, with temps about 50F. Nice to watch (and listen to) the rain outside the big windows in the living room, where I spend most of my day working on the computer and listening to Pandora music. The previous owner installed built-in speakers, with a nice stereo system. There’s four speakers in the living room, two in the master, and two in the upstairs bedroom (now Pam’s craft palace). A switch allows you to turn on only the speakers that are needed. And a nice remote control lets me control the volume.

I’ve got an old phone hooked up to the stereo system via the headphone jack. The phone has wireless, so that gives me the connection to Pandora. Nice little setup, although there is the headphone wire that needs to be routed through the wall to the stereo. Right now, the cable hangs over the shelf to the cabinet with doors on the lower part of the built-in bookcases. Slightly messy, since I have to leave the door open to let the remote work. Perhaps one of these days I will punch a small hole in the back of the bookcase to route the headphone wire from the shelf to the cabinet.

Sudden thought: since the phone is so small, I could just stuff the phone into the cabinet, so no wire routing is required. Of course, I have to leave the door open for the remote control. Maybe there is a remote receiver for the remote control. I must ask the amazons about that.

Today’s tasks are to work on the FB plugin, and do some minor maintenance on the various WordPress sites I run.