Wednesday–25 January 2017

Today’s weather is brought to you by cloudy skies and temps around 42F, maybe a few short sprinkles.

Yesterday, I fixed and updated one of my WordPress plugins to add features that were helpful to me. And the Postie plugin people fixed the problem with posts being scheduled to publish 8 hours after posting. And I thought of a few new useful features for one of my plugins, so will work on that.

Visit to the doctor’s this morning. Problem with sciatica nerve early last month have not fully gone away; having some slight numbness in one leg and foot due to the Piriformus nerve. So need to get started on some stretching exercises for that, along with the usual heat/cool pads. It’s not painful, so that is good; just slight numbness of a few areas in that leg and foot.

So, a bit of programming work to keep me occupied. Then a trip to ‘town’ for groceries, and an early dinner at The Habit, which has just opened near our area (about 25 minutes away). One of our favorite places in CA and UT; great burgers and grilled tri-tip sandwiches, and some other things.

Sad to hear about Mary Tyler Moore’s passing today. The “Dick Van Dyke” show has been one of my favorites; he and MTM were great in that series. Started watching it on Netflix the other day. Still makes me laugh.