Wednesday–8 February 2017

A bit of snow falling earlier this morning – much less than 1/2 inch. It’s warming up outside now – to 33.4F, so the lightly falling snow flakes are starting to turn to a light drizzle. Weather dweebs are forecasting a rise in temperatures, so just light rain in the forecast.

Which is good for some areas around here. Just to the east, there was quite a bit of rain/sleet/snow, causing lots of ice on the tree branches. And that caused a bunch of power outages, with ice on the power lines, and trees falling across the lines because of the weight of the ice and snow on the branches. Some places have been without power since Monday, and it may take until tomorrow (Thursday) or Friday to get everyone back on.

Been lucky here; no power outages. Ready for them, though, with the generator. Still haven’t gotten around to installing the generator bypass switch for some of the power circuits here in the house. But I have lots of long orange power cords. Only need to run three of them: one each for refrigerator, chest freezer, and the DirecTV/TV in the den. With those, and the nice battery-powered LED lanterns, we have survived this winters’ outages.

Some bug-fixing on the WordPress plugins this morning. Geeky stuff, and easy enough to fix. Waiting for the sixth plugin to be approved by the WP guys before I can release it.